Local Inspections start at spring. ESHBS jury visits  breeders at their studs to inspect young horses.  At the begining of November we invite 30 – 40 best young sporthorses to the Final Inspections where we select the

Best 2 and 3 Years Old Mare and Stallion of the Show

Jumping and Dressage Prospect of the Show

Best Young Sporthorse Born in Estonia

Best In Show

About the Final Inspection 2021 You can read from here:


32 young sporthorses at age 2- 3 years gathered to Vaikla Equestrian centre Estonia at 3- 4 October  to select the Best 2 and 3 years old mares and stallions. If at previous years there has always been a foreign judge to make the selection then this year for obvious reasons estonians had to manage with their own forces. Our own judges – Raigo Kollom, Ivo Ots and Hanno Ellermann proved their competents to evaluate young sporthorses. Raigo has been evaluating young horses at pre selections for more than 20 years already, GP level rider and young breeder Hanno Ellermann was choosen for the job as a person who has more than 10 years of experience working with Team Njihof. Ivo Ots is a talented young horse rider and  breeder of GP level horse Dorado (A Pikachu De Muze, ridden by Max O’REILLY HYLAND.)

Ivo Ots, Raigo Kollom, Kristi – Liis Koppel (secretary) Hanno Ellermann

Estonian sport horses were the best in two categories, but the success of imported horses makes us equally happy – it is positive if our breeders invest in high-quality imported genetics to promote breeding.

All together ca 200 young horses were inspected before the Finals. Every year is a little bit different by age groups, amount and quality. 2020 will be remembered as a year with very good 3 – years old mares.

About th winners: Best 2-year-old mare was no. 4 KARYA – german riding horse. By KARAJAN, out of LORDANA by LORDANOS, owner Margo Normann. Family Normann´s are a long term breeders, who had bred Final winners before. Also B Captain Normann ridden by Gunnar Klettenberg at 160 cm level is bred by them. KARYA will be for sure a nice brodmare for their stud.

KARYA with her presenter Maris Juul. ESHKS chairman Joel Jürisson on the left and final scoring committee consisting of Raigo Kollom, Hanno Ellermann and Ivo Ots on the right

Best 2-year-old stallion, Jumping prospect, BIS and Audience favorite – no. 14. AGAMIX LEGEND Z, zangersheide, by AGANIX DU SEIGNEUR Z, out of  LEGENDE IX by CORIANO, breeders Kristiina Pähn and Janika Pirel Jasmin Hirvi. AGAMIX  is actually born in Estonia as a embryo foal. Dye to the contract the foal was supposed to be registered as Z.  Young breeders of the stallion are actively taking part of the ESHBS events as volunteers, truly interested in esh breeding specially by crossing with holsteiner and Selle France lines. They also own full sister of Agamix who for sure will give quality genes to ESH breeding.



AGAMIX LEGEND Z and breeders Kristiina Pähn and Janika Pirel Jasmin Hirvi

Best 3-year-old mare nr 25. ELISABETH JP, esh, by ELDORADO VAN DE ZESHOEK, out of MARIE ANTOINETTE N by MESSENGER, breeders Tiit Kivisild and Jüripoja tall oü. Its a perfect combination of breeders – a GP level rider and veterinary.  ELISABETH got the best jumping score already previous year at the Finals – when Stefaan de Smet from BWP was judgeing.

ELISABETH JP and breeders Tiit Kivisild and representatives of Jüripoja tall oü.

Best 3-year- old stallion and Best Horse Born in Estonia no. 33. HEROS V, esh, by HUGO V, out of WHISPER V by WODAN M, breeder Peeter Viiard. HEROS V is a true “esh original” – his sire  and dam are both bred by Peeter, who has been in the board of ESHBS for 20 years already.

HEROS V – Best Estonian born and best 3 – year old stallion

MIRACLE, KWPN, by  GRANDORADO TN, out of  BEAUTIFUL LADY by VOLTAIRE, bred in the Netherlands, won the title of Dressage Prospect with the highest grades for paces.

KWPN stallion Miracle, owned by Matrix Puit As, won the title of Dressage Prospect with beautiful and powerful movements

All results can be found here: https://issuu.com/estsporthorse/docs/finaali_protokoll



Final Inspection of 2019 was held at Kurtna Equestrian Centre. Judge Stefaan De Smet from BWP visited us for the third time.

His selection was:

Best 2 years old mare: DIANESS von SEEDER (Diamant de Semilly x Zirkeness – Emilion, breeder and owner Seeder Agri OÜ)

Best 2 yearsold stallion: ESH B HERO VON SEEDER (Bordeaux x Canta B – Cantos, breeder and owner Seeder Agri OÜ)

Best 3 years old mare: esh ICEBERRY K.S.H. (I’m Special de Muze x Caddy – Clinton, breeder and owner K.S.H Sporthorses)

Best 3 years old stallion, Jumping prospect, Best Estonian born horse and Best In Show : CRESCENDO VON SEEDER (Comme il Faut x  Larghetto- Ludwig von Bayern, breeder and owner Seeder Agri OÜ)

Dressage prospect and favourite of the audience: 3 years old  VON SEEDER (Hennessy X Zustrona – Rhodium, breeder and owner Seeder Agri OÜ)

ESHBS Final Inspection 2018 live

Final Inspections was held on  29.-30. Sept. at Kurtna Equestrian Centre. Judge was Michel Spaas.  There was  26 participants.

And the results are:

Best 2 y old mare  ELIZEE HN, b. 27.04.2016, sire Elton John, dam Thasha, damsire Terror, breeder Maris Kartau, owner Elari Aaboja

Elizee HN, photo Liis Ira
Elizee HN, photo Liis Ira

Best 2 y old stallion CONCERTO VON SEEDER, b. 06.04.2016, a., sire Contendro I, dam Bonne Pleasure,damsire  For Pleasure,breeder Seeder Agri OÜ, owner Seeder Horses OÜ

Concerto von Seeder, photo Liis Ira
Concerto von Seeder, photo Liis Ira

Best 3 y old mare  LAFAYETTE Z, b. 12,06,2015, sire  Leasure, damsire  Mermus R , bred in Belgium, owners Margit Mägi and Liisa Järsk

Lafayette Z, photo Liis Ira
Lafayette Z, photo Liis Ira

Best 3 years old stallions  KASPER, b. 14.03.2015, sire Eldorado vd Zeshoek, dam Graft, damsire Spartacus, bred in Netherlands, owner Daisy Ellermann and
PRONTO VAN DE MALTAHOEVE, b. 23.07.2015, sire Denzel v’t Meulenhof, dam Eureka van de Maltahoeve, damsire Querlybet Hero, bred in Belgium, owner Vao stables oü

Pronto van de Maltahoeve, on the left Michel Spaas, photo Liis Ira
Pronto van de Maltahoeve, photo Liis Ira
Kasper, photo Liis Ira
Kasper, photo Liis Ira

Dressage Prospect (highest score without jumping points) HADES VON SEEDER, b. 10.05.2016, sire Hennessy, dam Zustrona, damsire Rhodium, breeder  Seeder Agri OÜ, owner Seeder Horses OÜ

Hades von Seeder, photo Liis Ira
Hades von Seeder, photo Liis Ira

Jumping Prospect (highest score by jumping points) PRONTO VAN DE MALTAHOEVE, b. 23.07.2015, sire Denzel v’t Meulenhof, dam Eureka van de Maltahoeve, damsire Querlybet hero, bred in Belgium, owner Vao stables oü

Pronto van de Maltahoeve

Best in Show (by highest score) KASPER, b. 14.03.2015, sire Eldorado vd Zeshoek, dam Grafiti, damsire Spartacus, bred in Netherlands, owner Daisy Ellermann

Kasper, photo Liis Ira

Best Horse Born in Estonia  CONCERTO VON SEEDER,b. 06.04.2016, sire  Contendro I, dam Bonne Pleasure, damsire For Pleasure,breeder Seeder Agri OÜ, owner Seeder Horses OÜ

Concerto von Seeder, photo Liis Ira

Favourite of the Audience  TAURYA DE FORTUNA, b. 21.06.15., sire Tolegro, dam Florendyna Fregate, damsire Florencio, breeder and owner Aldi Alev

Taurya de Fortuna, photo Liis Ira


More info about the participants:

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At 2017 we had judge Nico Schulpen from Netherlands


Best 2 year old mare – VERONIQUE, b. 21.05.2015.a.,(Vagabond la Pomme -Check In), breeder fam. Aedviir and Anni Kaljund, owner. Anni Kaljund

Best 2 year old stallion  KASPER  – b. 14.03.2015, (Eldorado v/d Zeshoek –  Spartacus), breeder E.J.Bakhuis, owner Hanno Ellermann

Best 3 year old mare KON’AMIE, b.19.5.2014.a (Kontador v.d. Doorndonkhoeve – Marlon), breeder and owner Regina Rahula

Best 3 year old stallion HOTSTAR V, b. 19.06.2014, (Hugo V – Wodan), breeder and owner Peeter Viiard

Jumper of the Show ja BIS  –  2. y.o stallion Kasper
Dressage Prospect of the Show – 2. y.o. stallion Negaro von Seeder
Best Horse Born in Estonia  – 3 y.o. mare Kon´Amie

Full protocol download  HERE

 Web version of protocol HERE

2016 we had judge Stefaan De Smet from BWP.


Best 2 year old mare  –  JALIDA END, b. 28.05.2014,  KWPN, (Inshallah de Muze-Cardento)

Best 2 years old stallion and Best Young Sport horse Born in Estonia –  EDWARD I VON SEEDER, b. 11.05.2014, ESH,  (Everdale – Ludwig von Bayern)

Best 3 years old mare, Best Jumper and BIS  – NAMBA DE MUZE, b. 2013, BWP, (Vigo d`Arsouilles – Figo de Muze)

Best 3 year old stallion and Dressage Prospect QUERIDO, b. 17.04.2013, hannoverian (Quaterhall – Rascalino)

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 Here you can find the of the PROTOCOL of Final Inspection 2016

Live video of the Final Inspection 2016

2015 we had judge Stefaan De Smet from BWP


You can  download protocol HERE

Live video of the event