ESHBS Breeding day and stallion selection was held at  02.  of May at Tähtvere Equestrian Centre. Tähtvere stable is an active equine breeding centre in Estonia, where alongside aritificial inseminations, advanced breeding techniques such as embryo transfers, are successfully practiced. At their cozy surroundings 9 stalllions were presented to a committee of 7  judges and 2 test riders. As one of the ex- stallion test riders and this time a judge Hanno Ellermann pointed out – Ivo Ots was a very talented test rider – he presents horses just the way they naturally are without imposeing himself. Dressage rider Dina Ellermann, unbeatable Champion of Estonia in Dressage, can in 10 minutes test if the stallions are in selfcarriage and balans, if mostly jumping orientated stallions can actually lengten their strides.

The testing was for obvious reason held without audience but all breeders were able to follow the testing via live broadcast.

6 stallions got approved. Young stallions 3-4 years got approval for 2 years:

  1. LANGET, latvian, b. 2018-04-12, (LESTON x AGNE- ABKE)
  2. PEYTON V, ESH, b.2018-04-22, ( A PIKACHU DE MUZE x VERONA V-VERDI) breeder Peeter Viiard
  4. CHIRON K, ESH, b. 2017-05-08, (Cahir N x IRKENESS – CANABIS Z), breeder Mihkel Kangur
  5. 5 years old oldenburger got approved for 1 year: CARPO, b. 2016 – 02 – 28 (Corall x Aregona – Argentinus)
  6. Licensed and studbook number got older stallion ZINIDI GASELL, KWPN, b. 2004 (E.H. Gribaldi x Gaselle- Wisconsin) by his GP level results.
BIS Peyton V with breeder Peeter Viiard

Stallion Days 2020 were held at island Saaremaa at Seeder Stud.

Both presented stallions were bred and owner by Seeder stud.

CRESCENDO VON SEEDER (ESH, b. 04.05.2016, sire Comme il Faut, dam Larghetto, damsire Ludwig von Bayern)

HADES VON SEEDER (ESH, b. 10.05.2016, sire Hennesy, dam Zustrona, damsire Rhodium)

Both stallions got approval for one year until the Stallion Days 2021

CRESCENDO VON SEEDER and test rider Margit Mägi
HADES VON SEEDER and test rider Dina Ellermann
B Hero von Seeder – one of the young stallions presented by Seeder Stud
Audience of the Stallion Days

Stallion Days were held at Tähtvere Equestrian Centre this year.

List of participants can be found here 

Five stallions were licensed:

Nr. 1 WINTSENT V, ESH, s. 2016, i. Wilander, e. Whisper V, ei. Wodan
Nr. 4 KASPER, KWPN, s. 2015, i. Eldorado van de Zeshoek, e. Graffiti, ei. Spartacus
Nr. 5 PRONTO VAN DE MALTAHOEVE, BWP, s. 2015 Belgias. I Denzel V´T Meulenhof, e. Eureka Van De Maltahoeve, ei. Querlibet Hero.
Nr. 9 CANDOUR ESQUI. ESH, s. 2013 i: Cadeau de Muze, ei: Elvis Ter Putte,
Nr. 10 WISPHER „D“, BWP, s. 1999, i. Flamenco Desemilly, e. Jasmine „D“, ei. Feo


Short video of the event – 40 sec for each stallion

Event was held on 21 of April at Ihaste Ridingcentre. Testrider was Hanno Ellermann.

Out of 11 stallions two were licenced for the breeding season 2018/2019 – Natkingkey and In Style N:

Natkingkey SR


Instyle N


Candour Esqui



Stallion Days 2017 were held at Kurtna Equestrian Centre in April. There was 13 stallion going after the breeding licence. Find the catalogue HERE

Stallions were tested under saddle by Hanno Ellermann – jumping stallions and Dina Ellermann – dressage stallions. 

Jury decided to licence following young stallions until 1 – aprill 2018:

Jumping Stallions:
CALL ME BLACK, b. 2013, holst., Calido I-Casall, o. Mihkel Kangur and Joris de Brabander
NATKINGKEY SR, b. 2013, holst.., Numero Uno-Calido I, o. Juurimaa Tall OÜ and Joris de Brabander
IN STYLE N (I´ SPECIAL N), b. 2013, KWPN, I`m Special de Muze-Padinus, o. Mihkel Kangur
CAHIR N, b. 2012, ESH, Cornet`s Balou-Beg xx, o. Mihkel Kangur
B CAPTAIN NORMAN, b. 2011, ESH, Bolero (Cayman)-A Pikachu de Muze, o. Margo Norman

Dressage stallions:
QUERIDO, b. 2013, hann., Quaterhall-Rascalino, o. Liis Ira ja Kristiina Keskinen
DON BORDEAUX, b. 2012, KWPN, Bordeaux-Blue Hors Don Schufro, o. Nautilo OÜ
FÜRST ROMAN, b. 2012, ESH, Fürst Romancier-Don William, o. Birgit Tillmann
DA SHARO, b. 2013, hann., Destano-Londontime, om. Rustam Bayaliev, o. esindaja Maria Chulets

Jury gave permanent licence to stallion:

KONTADOR v.d. DOORNDONKHOEVE, BWP, b. 2010, Nabab de Reve-Querlibet Hero, o. Mihkel Kangur

Winners of the Stallion Days 2017:

Best Jumper CAHIR N and Best Dressage Stallion FÜRST ROMAN

3 min. video of the event

Stallion Days 2016 were held at Kurtna Equestrian Centre.
There was 21 stallions going after licence. Look at the participants HERE
Stallions were tested under saddle by Tiit Kivisild – jumping stallions and Dina Ellermann – dressage stallions.
Jury decided to give licence for 1 year to the following stallions:
Jumping Stallions:
I` SPECIAL DE MUZE, b. 2013, I´m Special de Muze-Burgloma-Padinus, KWPN, o. Mihkel Kangur
NATKINGKEY SR, b. 2013, Numero Uno-Renaissance VII-Calido I, holstein, o. Juurimaa Tall OÜ
CALL ME BLACK, b. 2013, Calido I-Akimo-Casall, holstein, o. Mihkel Kangur ja I. De Brabander
CC SKYFALL TT, b. 2012, Casall-Amira III-Conteur, holstein, o. Tsura Talu OÜ
HERACLES, b. 2012, Verdi-Wiennie-Padinus, KWPN, o. Andreas Lootus
CAHIR N, b. 2012, Cornet`s Balou-Thisbe-Beg xx, ESH, kasv. Kaasiku Talupidaja OÜ, o. Mihkel Kangur
SALOMON, b. 2011, Spartacus-Novesta-Lux Z, ESH, kasv. ja o. Gunnar Klettenberg
B CAPTAIN NORMAN,bs. 2011, Bolero ex Cayman-A Pontanelle-A Pikachu de Muze, ESH, kasv. ja o. Margo Norman
KONTADOR V. D. DOORNDONKHOEVE, b. 2010, Nabab de Reve-Gagnante de Muze-Querlibet Hero, BWP, o. Mihkel Kangur
HUGO V, b. 2010, Helios de Muze-Ulanda-Uberon, ESH, kasv. ja o. Peeter Viiard
FREEDOM, b. 2010, Eldorado v.d. Zeschoek-Wavanta-Corland, KWPN, o. Andres Trei
JACKSON V/H DAUWHOF, b. 2009, Cicero Z-Fantastica-Frühlingsball, BWP, o. Sven Shois ja Mikko Aartioa
ICE DE WIQUI, b. 2008, Darco-C-Jewels Cristal-Carnute, BWP, o. Ülle Ervald
Dressage stallions:
DON BORDEAUX, b. 2012, Bordeaux-Vienna ST- Blue Hors Don Schufro, KWPN, o. Nautilo OÜ

Winner of the Stallion Days 2016 – ESH stallion SALOMON
II place KWPN stallion HERACLES and III place holsteiner NATKINGKEY SR

Live video of the event

Stallions Days 2015 were held at Niitvälja Stables in May.

13 jumping stallions of age 3- 6 were tested under saddle.

Testriders were Urmas Raag – jumping and DIna Ellermann – ridability and  paces.

Best Jumpers were 5 y.o. ESH Contatour JP (Clinton- O. Lady Edmonton Degli Asseri-Concorde), breeder Joel Jürisson and KWPN Freedom (Eldorado van de Zeschoek-Wavanta-Corland) and they  scored 9 p. for the jump.

5 y.o ESH Sopranist K (Soprano-Toemelijn-Guidam), breeder Mihkel Kangur and BWP Kontador vd Doorndonkhoeve (Nabab de Reve-Gagnante de Muze-Querlibet Hero) scored  8,5 p for the jump and had very good temperament and ridability.

All stallions exept B Cheitan and  Hugo V got licensed for one year.


Live video Stallion Days 2015