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Final Inspection 2018

Kurtna ratsaklubi Tagadi tee 8, Kurtna küla, 75503 Saku, Harjumaa, Estonia, Harjumaa, Eesti

Participants: All together 30 mares and stallions at age of 2-3 years that got highest scores at local inspections. Judge: Nico Schulpen (Netherlands). Titels: Best 2 years old mare 2018 Best 2 years old stallion 2018 Best 3 years old mare 2018 Best 3 years old stallion 2018 Dressage Prospect 2018 Jumping Prospect 2018 Best [...]

Estonian Breeding Jumping Championship for Young Horses

Perila Tallid , Eesti

Estonian Breeding Jumping Championship for Young Horses  is a two day competition for 4 - 6 years old horses, more or less 30 participants in each class. Champions at each age group are determined by jump off at the second day. The competition is rotating between different equestrian centers in Estonia and at 2019 it [...]

ESHKS Finals of the Inspections

Kurtna ratsaklubi Tagadi tee 8, Kurtna küla, 75503 Saku, Harjumaa, Estonia, Harjumaa, Eesti

Local Inspections start at spring. ESHBS jury visits  breeders at their studs to inspect young horses.  A t the end of September we invite 30 – 40 best young spor thorses to the Final Inspections where we select the Best 2 and 3 Years Old Mare and Stallion of the Show Jumping and Dressage Prospect of the Show [...]

Estonian Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses 2020

Perila Tallid , Eesti

Equipe https://online.equipe.com/en/competitions/37140 Masterlist 4 years old (27 horses) https://ratsanet.ee/events/2098/divisions/10550/registrations Masterlist 5 years old (33 horses) https://ratsanet.ee/events/2098/divisions/10551/registrations Mastelist 6 years old ( 22 horses) https://ratsanet.ee/events/2098/divisions/10552/registrations Invitation and scedule https://ratsanet.ee/system/files/8502/TS_Perila_23-26_07_20.pdf?1594361301

ESH Final Inspection 2020

Finals will be held at Vaikla Equestrian Centre this year. More than thirty 2.and 3. years old stallions, mares and geldings are presented. Judges are: Raigo Kollom, Hanno Ellermann, Ivo Ots There will be LIVE broadcast on FB https://www.facebook.com/noorhobused starting 04-th of October at 10.00+3 UTC Participants (to open the catalogue click on the cover)

Estonian Breeding Jumping Championships 2022

Breeders Championships in Estonia  has been held  since the late 80 's. For unknown reasons, a few years were left out in early 2000, but in 2007 the tradition was revived by ESHBS and the family Saks. That time the Estonian sport horses did not win any first places yet, but they were already obtained [...]