Estonian Breeding Championships 2021

Breeders Championships in Estonia  has been held  since the late 80 ‘s. For unknown reasons, a few years were left out in early 2000, but in 2007 the tradition was revived by ESHBS and the family Saks. That time the Estonian sport horses did not win any first places yet, but they were already obtained a few years later in 2009 in showjumping. At that year 40 horses took part of the show. Already in 2013, for the first time, Estonian sport horses received more prizes than imported horses.


Last year all together 92 horses competed at Breeding Jumping Championships, 61 of them ESH horses, two age classes -5 and 6 years old – were won by ESH. Event was held in Perila Equestrian Centre for the third year . The organization was worthy of the title competition – it was a two day meeting place for breeders, there was a lot of excitement and the sparkling wine flowed. The biggest breeder who contributed most to the number of participants this year was Talliteenuste OÜ by bringing out seven young horses.  There were some more breeders who had more than one of their breeding product competing but Peeter Viiard and Talliteenused Oü were  the only breeders whose production were in the top three in more than one age group.  Viiard had winner of the 6-year-olds – WARCELLARI  V (Wilander- Calvino Z, rider Kullo Kender) and 3rd place of 4-year-olds – HARPER V (Hotstar V- Close Harmony, rider Vaike Reinmaa),  Talliteenuste Oü had 2nd place of  the 5-year-olds VERDICT (V Carlos – Gepatit, rider Urmas Raag) and 2nd place of the 4-year-olds VERONA (Vincent – Jackson V/H Dauhof, rider Aleksandra Kliimand). The winner of 5 years old class was – ESH BREEZER LT (Bamako De Muze-Lupicor, rider Hanno Ellermann), bred by Andrus Kallaste and 3rd place ESH FLORIAN (Floris TN- Carry´s Son, rider Margit Mägi) bred by Ave ja Kadi Kokla. Its is interesting to see that out of the the 6 sires of the top three horses mentioned above 4 are ESH sires (except Bamako De Muze and Floris TN)

Warcellari V and Kullo Kender


Breeding Championships in Dressage followed week later after jumping,  also at Perila Equestrian Centre. Two qualifications were judged by our own Estonian judges. 18 horses participated, out of them 11 was ESH horses, 4 imported from other European studbooks and 3 horses from other Estonian studbooks.  Seeder Horses Stud from island Saaremaa has become the biggest dressage breeder in Estonia. They had 3 horses in top three at 4 – and 5 year old classes – II place at 4 year old class was stallion B HERO VON SEEDER (Bordeaux x Cantos) and the 5 years old champion was ADAGIO VON SEEDER (Aqiedo x Jazz), both presented by rider Grete Hussar,  II place at 5 year olds class was also gained by horse bred by them – DARIUS VON SEEDER (Dream Boy x Scandic) presented by Külli Roosileht. Also the III place horse ROYAL PRINCE CHARMING (Royal Floggensee x Premial)  at 5 years old class was ESH, bred by Marii- Heleen Raidmets, presented by Tatjana Tsiganok.


Eventing and Endurance

Showjumping breeding is without a doubt most popular among Estonian breeders. But breeding Championships were also held in Eventing and Endurance (since 2015), ESHBS has been supporting these title competitions also for years already.

Eventing Breeding Championships were held at Kose Eventing Centre, 40 Km from Tallinn. 8 out of ten four-year-old horses, 2 out of three five-year-old young eventing horses finished  cross-country course successfully, the only 6 years old participator failed to do so.

In the class of 4-year-old horses, the entire podium was conquered by ESH. The winner was the experienced Jaagup Kallas on ROYAL LA LUZ (Royal Floggensee x Legolas,) whose breeder was Vello Luts. The second place was won by CLAUDIUS (mother Lyphaizia XX), a descendant of the stallion Call Me Black, whose breeder is Olev Ööbik. In third place again Jaagup Kallas with horse BELISTRA (B Captain Norman-Heslegard Weltmeister) and breeder Järvamaa Education Center.

The 5-year-old champion was the Estonian sport horse LANCASTER (Luxus x Vopros OX), who was led to victory by Katriin Sild and bred by Karin Sild. Elina Ilusk won the second place on the Estonian riding pony VOLTVET (Volmar x Cadillac XX), who was bred by Enn Ehastu.

LANCASTER and Katriin Sild

2021. champions of young horses in  endurance were determined in Piirsalu, western Estonia. Due to the low population and sandy soil there are ideal endurance tracks at that part of Estonia. At 2023 World Breeding Championships in Endurance are going to be held here.  Estonian Sport Horse won the 4-year-old horse class – CALL ME LEGENDARY (sire Call Me Black) was bred  and rode to the victory  by Birgot Loot.  In the second two age groups, the fastest and most durable were Arabian horses.