Estonian sporthorses at Tokyo 2020!

Photo: Yuri Mansur and Estonian sporthorse Alfons Ra ( by Aromats)

What would be a better birthday present to a studbook than a having 3 horses at TOKYO 2020 olympics!

The best result at the Olympics ridden with Estonian Sporthorse was gained by brazilian equestrian Yuri Mansur, a rider of ESH Alfons RA (Aromats), who took the 20 th place individually and the 6th place with the Brazilian team. They were the best pair in the team with only 4 penalty points. The second Estonian sports horse Caesar, led by the Chinese You Zhang, also ran in the qualification, but the final entry was not redeemed.

Dina Ellermann and her ESH horse Donna Anna (Don Schufro) made the history of Estonian equestrian sports, being the first Estonian to participate in the Olympic dressage. On Day 1 of the GP qualification, they scored 65,435 percent. Ellermann has previously represented Estonia with Donna Anna at the 2019 European Championships in Rotterdam and 2013 World Young Horse Championships in Verden. She has had Donna Anna since she was six months old. It is an interesting fact that Dina is a breeder herself. At her stud 2-3 foals are born every year. She has been using lately stallions Franklin and My Vitality from Helgstrand stud on her mares. One of the mares decends from famous Moukje-stam, other one originates from Denmark like Donna Anna.

Dina Ellermann and Donna Anna

All of three olympic horses have been trained to the GP level by our own Estonian riders. The fact that the creation of breeders Hinno Nokkur, Liivaku and Rebala stables met the talented riders like Paul Argus, Dina Ellermann and Rein Pill has been a great coincidence witch lead to the later olympic debut of the horses.

Success of these ESH horses has lead to the outcome, that ESH studbook has rizen on unprecedented 25- th place at WBFSH ranking in Show jumping with only 200 ESH foals born per year!